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  • A Call to Heal
    A Call to Heal
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    154 Episodios
    Pick up the phone and become part of A Call to Heal. This unique radio show provides its listeners with the opportunity to heal themselves, thus healing this reality. Earth and her inhabitants are suppressed and primarily suffering. We spend our lives enslaved to money, our jobs, illness, and entangled relationships never quite at See more...
  • Active Bold Choices
    Active Bold Choices
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    23 Episodios
    At the end of the day are you living your life on purpose? Are you putting on your oxygen mask first? We all have a purpose and passion. We all have a genius inside us, and we all have that potential. The key is trusting yourself and granting you the permission for you to believe in you. Whatever your dream life looks like, I am h See more...
  • AFlame Ministry
    AFlame Ministry
    128 Episodios
    Welcome to Aflame Ministry with your host Pastor Kathleen Panning. Kathleen Panning who has been an ordained minister for over 35 years brings her experience to your ministry. Be it engerizing your staff or working through conflicts within your faith community. Tune in as Kathleen guides you through the many challenges that face See more...
  • A Little Kink Goes a Long Way
    I come to this radio program not as the many roles I have played, but as the Being Who has Experienced and Remembered True Relationship through the expression of all the roles I have transcended and Resurrected in this epic story of the imaginary crucifixion and Resurrection of Humanity. I have Resurrected the roles of mother, fat See more...
  • All About Nursing
    All About Nursing
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    89 Episodios
    All About Nursing explains how nurses play a significant role in providing healthcare in multiple care settings. You will be able to hear from some of these key nurses who work in practice, academia and other practice settings. There are many different kinds of roles nurses have to choose from which makes it a great profession t See more...
  • All Things Home Care
    All Things Home Care
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    12 Episodios
    All things home care with host Dana Arnone, will focus on every aspect involved in maintaining loved ones in the home. We will discuss the challenges and barriers in home health care . We will have weekly quests on to discuss and provide information pertaining to homecare. We will have open communication and discussion on how to m See more...
  • All You Need is Love
    Sex is a beautiful expression of love. Yet so many have difficulty talking about it, or even enjoying it fully. Not so, with our host and author or Orgasm For Life, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters of She unabashedly says, she has enjoyed sex and sexual expression fully. Jennifer takes the awkwardness out o See more...
  • Angel Connections
    Founder & Director of Angel Connections.  Award-winning author of 3 books:  Creating Heaven on Earth:  A Guide to Personal Ascension; Soul Releasement:  Assisting Souls Into the Light; and Darkness:  Where Does It Come From?  She is currently working on her 4th book on the subject of “Miracles”.  She’s an Ordained Spiritualist See more...
  • Angelscapes
    62 Episodios
    Angelscapes is your direct connection to finding your Soul’s power and wisdom. Join Nancy Smith, Akashic Medium, in this interactive show to explore tools and steps you can take to create peace, calm and confidence in your life. During each show Nancy will discuss ideas, tips and lessons to help you open to receive Divine love, Jo See more...
  • Attention Matters
    Attention Matters
    Categoría: Educación
    73 Episodios
    ATTENTION MATTERS will talk about why the kind of attention we get and give to others is vital and impacts our behavior and our feelings. People can remember forever the kind of attention that they got from teachers,  parents & grandparents, dentists, from everyone in their lives, specially when it feels good and/or feels bad. See more...
  • Attracting Your Life
    Attracting Your Life
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    23 Episodios
    Attracting Your Life is hosted by MIJA each Thursday at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT.  MIJA uses this platform to educate, discuss with guest and listeners different concepts, modalities, and theories surrounded supporting the vision of elevating the universal mindset.  Through this show it’s MIJA’s desire to heighten and peek the listeners in See more...
  • Baby Beginnings
    Baby Beginnings
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    10 Episodios
    Baby Beginnings will help prepare the mother, partners and birth workers for what lies ahead. Stacey will help work through the rollercoaster of obstacles and emotions, help you be more informed about options, how to advocate for yourself and help partners to feel they have the right tools to be supportive. Baby Beginnings also See more...
  • Be in The Now
    Be in The Now
    Categoría: Salud mental
    0 Episodios
    Awaken your awareness and release stress, anxiety, resentment and all the emotions that are not helping you to be the person you want to be. Join Nancy Gentle Boudrie each week on Be In The Now where you will learn that you are the master of your life; you can choose your thoughts and change your course of action. Nancy, through m See more...
  • Benevolent Beings
    Beverly holds bachelor’s degrees in education and psychology, and a master’s in psychology. She has taught children and adults for over 20 years. After the death of her mother in 2012, she began seeking a way to contact her. Beverly studied near-death experiences and read many books on the afterlife. She discovered that the after See more...
  • Beyond the Imprint
    Beyond the Imprint
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    13 Episodios
    Beyond the Imprint is a dynamic new radio show that heralds a new paradigm of thinking within the field of mental health, beyond the duality of our unconscious conditioning. Quantum Physics is beginning to replace the mechanistic world view of Newtonian Physics and is teaching us with every new discovery that we are intimately See more...
  • Beyond The Living
    If you are familiar with her work and who Sonic Nova is at all, then you know quite well that she is a highly sought-after psychic healer, clairvoyant, remote viewer, and medical intuitive. She has thousands of testimonials on her website that attest to this fact. Some readings, See more...
  • Biblical Vibrations
    Boldly biblical and grounded in scripture, yet deliciously unconventional.  Dr. Vosburgh will send you back to your Bibles to take another look and see what you may have missed or misunderstood.  When Christians play fast and loose with the scriptures, they rob it of its power and create cynics. Even worse, the Bible is discounted See more...
  • Big Waves Strong Boat
    Big Waves Strong Boat
    Categoría: Educación
    52 Episodios
    Resilience is remarkable! Mary Waldon, MSW, LCSW, founder of Change Therapy, LLC, reveals the power of resilience on Big Waves, Strong Boat. Join her each week as she guides her listeners on a transformational journey, weaving inner self-love with learning to share that love with others, and defining the role resilience plays in a See more...
  • Blessed Hope
    Blessed Hope
    0 Episodios
    Claire Power Murphy, The Director/President of The Claire Power Murphy Foundation of the International Biographical Centre, will captivate you with Blessed Hope. Guests with a positive message for humanity are welcome. 

Listen each week for discussions on a variety of subjects that will help you to maximize your God-given potenti See more...
  • Body Awe
    Body Awe
    Categoría: Salud mental
    0 Episodios
    For decades Stephanie’s passion and profession focused on fitness. First with dance, then with nutrition and fitness, Stephanie developed creative, progressive and personal programs for each individual and small groups. Her custom fitness programs combined the science of exercise, the pleasure of rhythm and music, and the fun and See more...
  • Bossman Fitness
    Bossman Fitness
    Categoría: En forma
    18 Episodios
    Bossman Fitness Radio hosted by Health and Lifestyle influencer Matt Bouback who features discussions that go beyond conventional thought in health and fitness. The show will feature various leaders in the health and fitness industry that will add value through education and application. Each week we will have different topic See more...
  • Both Sides Of The Prescription
    Both Sides of the Prescription brings together Dr. Meaghan and Dr. Ron to discuss pertinent medical issues from both an alternative and traditional medicine perspective.  So many times people are only given one side of the story with healthcare that the better option is either alternative practices OR medical intervention.  There See more...
  • Bridges
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    32 Episodios
    Dr Paul has devoted over 40 years to exploration of the whole living sciences. From the studies of traditional and alternative methods in martial arts, natural sciences, to further his knowledge of the holistic sciences. He is an advocate and constant student of quantum consciousness and natural healing. Dr.Paul holds three Ph.ds See more...
  • Careers After Retirement
    Careers After Retirement
    Categoría: Educación
    1 Episodio
    Reduce stress, learn something new or just follow your passion. Whatever the reason sometimes there is a strong desire to create a new career for yourself. This is “Careers After Retirement” with your host John Pentland. John will discuss the many challenging aspects of life after retirement and will help you to transition into a See more...
  • CEO Essence
    CEO Essence
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    52 Episodios
    CEO Essence is about compassionate leadership. Rene believes that when a woman balances her feminine intuition and inner connectedness with masculine decisiveness and drive, she can excel in every aspect of her life. She can then embody her confidence and bring forward her compassion, and emotion in a way that both benefits and cr See more...
  • Combat Lifesaver
    Combat Lifesaver
    Categoría: Salud mental
    0 Episodios
    Coming soon! See more...
  • Conversation Reimagined
    Let Dr. Andrea help you to understand what is happening in the brain and body, chemically, electrically, magnetically, mentally, and emotionally during conversations that impact how we converse and connect on Conversation Reimagined. Dr Andrea will explore methods to *think *about conversations differently or for how to behave dif See more...
  • Conversations with Dr. Barb
    I, Dr. Barbara Morrison, PhD, RN, CNM, am the ultimate, passionate educator and scholar.  I thrive on sharing my knowledge and understanding of birth, newborns, newborn and family adaptation, Kangaroo Care, breastfeeding, bonding, and changing health care practices to provide optimal care to newborns and their families.  Honing my See more...
  • Courage 2 Overcome
    Courage 2 Overcome
    Categoría: Salud mental
    130 Episodios
    "Courage to Overcome" will feature families or persons who have shown courage to overcome disability challenges and go beyond what the medical personnel or others thought they could do. It will be addressing autism, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning disorders, and other medical challenges that are difficult for fa See more...
  • Dancing with Words, Dancing with Wisdom
    “Dancing with Words, Dancing with Wisdom” explores the meanings of our challenging and ecstatic life experiences, clarifies the meanings of the words we use, opens up our minds to more freedom and choice, and offers insights into our everyday lives. An art form, not a science, it uses words in atypical ways to shift its listeners See more...
  • Dare to Soar
    Dare to Soar
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    91 Episodios
    Dare To Soar will empower, encourage, and strengthen! Doctor R.C. will share some of the services and resources that promote educational success for the youth today. She has been employed as a Social Worker for over 20 years she will share with all who are tuned in valuable lessons that learned through her work experiences as to w See more...
  • Dead But Not Gone
    Dead But Not Gone
    Categoría: Salud mental
    16 Episodios
    In 1982, Toby Evans, The host of Dead, But Not Gone, began to dialogue with the unseen realms when the voice of her Higher Self broke through the sound barrier of her ordinary reality. Life as she knew it, began to change. She transitioned from a public school Art teacher to a modern day, shamanic, Earth Steward creating one of th See more...
  • Divine Wealth Awakening
    Janie Lin is a Business Alchemist and a Wealth Consciousness Revolutionary. She is certified in 13 different healing modalities, including Reiki, Life Coaching and Health Coaching. She has 18 years experience in practicing energy healing, 11 years experience in body work, and has been practicing energy tuning her entire life. Jani See more...
  • Dr. Stephanie's Relationship Repair Shop
    Toss out those dirty habits and refresh your relationship! Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr, Ph.D., a nationally recognized psychotherapist and couples therapist, offers FREE Relationship Advice on The Relationship Repair Shop Radio Show, a weekly radio broadcast on BBM. She invites listeners to join her each week as she reveals strate See more...
  • Dr. T. PhD
    Dr. T. PhD
    24 Episodios
    Dr. Hilaire Tavenner, a Ph.D. in Education/Reading/Language Arts from the University of South Florida, will be presenting and also “show casing” guest speakers who will address such interesting topics addressing topics such as: Abortion; wholesome Teenage Literature; Alzheimer’s; Honor Killings; the impact of a great teacher; what See more...
  • Earth Walk Ways
    Earth Walk Ways
    64 Episodios
    Listen to Earthwalk Ways to discover the wisdom and deep meaning from the everyday experience of your life journey. Earthwalk Ways will help you love your life as it is; to discover the hidden meanings and messages in everything that unfolds. You will expand your consciousness, your self knowledge, your intuition and your a See more...
  • Eazy Sense
    Eazy Sense
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    63 Episodios
    City College of New York inventor, researcher and medical professor Patricia A. Broderick is the host of a new radio show “Eazysense” on Bold Brave Media. Broderick will discuss topics on sensing the brain, which covers how the brain works and diseases that can develop. See more...
  • EFT For Spiritual Fitness
    Do you feel overwhelmed–over-amped–over informed? Are you always on the go, but never seem to get anywhere? Do you sometimes feel as though you are sitting at a stop sign waiting for the light to change? You are not alone! The latest research suggests that technological advances have surpassed our brain’s ability to proces See more...
  • Emerging Brilliance
    Emerging Brilliance
    Categoría: Salud mental
    0 Episodios
    This show is about discovering and becoming your own unique self and making your difference in your world with your brilliance.  It’s about being honest about who you are, what you want, and creative ways to re-frame and re-imagine your actions and results. And as you do this, those around you can’t help but experience a resonance See more...
  • Empowered Healing
    Empowered Healing
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Welcome to Empowered Healing with host Myrna Burd; if you are finding yourself emotionally un-empowered or just feeling plain stuck, listen as Myrna, through her healing modalities, energy nurturing and emotion code healing can transform you into being that person you’ve longed for.   Each week Myrna will provide powerful shifts t See more...
  • Energetic Magic
    Energetic Magic
    78 Episodios
    Have you ever tried to reach success but kept falling on your face again and again? Do you do date all the wrong people or find ways to chase the right ones away? Do you dream of more money, but cringe when you look at your bank account? Imagine if you could change all that with some simple techniques and have everything you’ve ev See more...
  • EnterConnected
    103 Episodios
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Join psychiatrist Dr. Reyna Gilmore as she explores the interconnectivity of the mind, body, and soul/spirit. Through her own transparent sharing of professional knowledge, self-disclosure, and personal experiences, along with a variety of diverse guests, you will learn about how the mind, body See more...
  • Every Healthy Choice Counts
    It's not just diet, it's a full awareness of your body's needs and integrating those needs into your lifestyle. Choosing to care for your self, feeling motivated to make the right choices can make a powerful difference.  By taking control - you'll be empowered, happier and healthier! For over 20 years Anida See more...
  • Evolve Welness
    Evolve Welness
    Categoría: Educación
    24 Episodios
    Evolve Wellness offers support from Life Mastery Consultant, Dr. Niki Harings, offering alternative wellness tools & perspectives that, when willing, can allow the challenges we face become the mechanism that helps us grow instead of keep us stuck. Niki shares learnings from her own health challenges and interviews leaders mak See more...
  • Expect To be Empowered
    Expect To be Empowered with host MJ Domet Wednesdays at 8pm eastern on The BBM Globasl Network and Tunein Radio! See more...
  • Fix MS Now
    Fix MS Now
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Sheryl Skutelsky, an MS advocate, motivational speaker, and freelance writer uses her radio show, Fix MS Now, to discuss her personal experience and interview other MS advocates in order to educate her listeners about multiple sclerosis.  Having symptoms as early as the 1980′s, and finally diagnosed in 2001, Sheryl has learned how See more...
  • Gaining Clarity
    Gaining Clarity
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Do you have personal goals that seem unreachable?  Are you trying to figure out the next chapter in your life and don’t know where to begin?  Do you have a lifelong dream you’d love to pursue but don’t know how to make it happen?  Join Jennifer Powell weekly for her show Gaining Clarity and hear practical advice about the steps ne See more...
  • Game On
    Game On
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    0 Episodios
    Dr. D. Anthony Miles, is an entrepreneur, an award-winning researcher, award-winning professor, legal expert witness and best-selling author. Dr. Miles is a nationally known expert in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He has appeared on CBS News, Money Matters with Chris Hensley, The Earl Cobb Show, The Michael Dres See more...
  • Get It Straight From The Source
    Patti is intuitive. She hears frequency. She downloads the information and translates it into a language in a physical realm. Patti serves as a conduit to others. Patti utilizes her gift of clairaudience to help by bridging people to the universal truth. She coaches people with her soul coaching method to help them find the See more...
  • Get Off The Hot Mess Express
    This show is an amazing platform for sharing inspirational, unfiltered conversations and stories about finding meaning, happiness, purpose, motivation, spirituality, love, confidence, and success in love and life. I’m here to help you see your world differently. Because when you see your world differently, you show up differently, See more...
  • Getting A Grip
    Getting A Grip
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    What Made Robyn Pearce One Of The World’s Leading Time Management Experts…. A Story Of Sheer Determination & Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams & Goals! People always ask me why I teach time management. Well, to put it simply, it’s because I used to be bad at it! Yes I can honestly say I’ve walked in your moccasins. And m See more...
  • Get Warrior Tough
    Get Warrior Tough
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Get Warrior Tough builds the skills to influence direction, course of action, attitudes and opinions and to be in complete control - especially under pressure.  Join Leadership & Mental Toughness Coaches Andrew Wittman and Dutch Coleman as they give practical insights on leadership, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, e See more...
  • Going Global
    Going Global
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    0 Episodios
    Go global or go home!  I’m Tresté Loving and I possess over 20 years of global experience.  My Going Global show provides current issues and edgy solutions.  Phenomenal organizations have phenomenal global strategies and that’s what you’ll from Going Global. See more...
  • Healing at Soul Level
    Healing at Soul Level explains about different healing modalities and how to use them. Some may consider these healings to be new wave alternative medicine but in actuality, they are ancient healing techniques that have been around for centuries. All of these forms of healings are non-invasive, promote relaxation, and aid the body See more...
  • Heart Mending Mentor
    Heart Mending Mentor
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    20 Episodios
    “There was a whole different world outside of the bubble I grew up in! Thank goodness I found it!” ~Calynda Triffo Everyone has a story... Calynda was raised in a large family, excelled in school, started in the corporate world in her early twenties and became a single mom of two. Being responsible for two children meant she See more...
  • Helping Women Heal
    Helping Women Heal
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Host Catherine Abbott will inspire and engage you through her own personal journey relating to the many complex issues facing women today. Life coaching will help to keep you upright. Most of us have friends or family to get support from, but we can usually only share so much with them, we don't want to feel like a downer See more...
  • High Way to Boundless
    High Way to Boundless
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    20 Episodios
    Life is a complex proposition, asking of us and taking from us, showing plainly and obscuring mostly, leading us and leaving us to our own devices to figure out our way and to make sense of our life. In the maze of experiences that we have through the passage of time, we can be left to wonder and question whether life can yield m See more...
  • Holistic Healthy Living
    What is holistic? These days modern western medicine has a pill for every ill. Many of these pills just mask symptoms while the underlying problem still exists. Holistic practitioners look at the body as a whole, looking for the root of the problem so the problem can be solved. Holistic people are proactive, living healthy lifesty See more...
  • Hot Healthy Sex Radio
    My specialized training in Lifespan Developments also means I can help individuals, couples and families through developmental phases (childhood, teenage, adulthood, old age). When there are problems in development (as in developmental delays or disabilities), I can help, too! See more...
  • Hot Life Hot Love
    Hot Life Hot Love
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Mai Vu, Best Selling Author of “The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating” is the host of Hot Life Hot Love radio show.  Mai shows hardworking divorced moms how to have that great romance, where you are loved, adored and cherished by your man… while raising healthy, well balanced children, and rocking your career! On the show we chat abo See more...
  • I Am Bella
    I Am Bella
    24 Episodios
    Join Bella weekly as she explores a wide variety of topics such as angels, archangels, ascended masters, lightworkers, Reiki energy healing, the Chakras, crystals, meditation, the importance of grounding and cleansing your aura, using Oracle cards to reach your spirit guides, and much more. She will guide you on connecting with lo See more...
  • I am the Storm
    I am the Storm
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    24 Episodios
    I Am The Storm covers a wide variety of topics including various aspects of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) such as Rapport Skills and Reframing, Hypnosis and the variety things it is helpful with, Changing limiting beliefs, Dream interpretation, Archetypal Imagery, Weight Loss, The Ketogenic Diet, Channeling, Out of Body Experi See more...
  • Ignite Me Now
    Ignite Me Now
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Ignite Me Now is dedicated to helping you achieve success, wealth & happiness in all areas of your life. Our mission is to inspire you to thrive and come alive to live your best life. It's time to Rock Your World and Charge Your Life. Join us every Tuesday at 6pm EST here on The BBM Global Network and Tunein radio!.   See more...
  • Ignite Your Change
    Ignite Your Change
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    0 Episodios
    Connect with your clients through Connie Whitman’s inspiring approach to business and personal success! Connie’s strategies incorporate a unique blend of skill development, including relationship building, coaching, leadership, and self-improvement. Hinged on the concept that well-balanced, confident and positive-minded individual See more...
  • IM Heart Radio
    IM Heart Radio
    Categoría: Artes visuales
    26 Episodios
    IM Heart Radio with host Sue McDaniel. See more...
  • Innovative Dementia Care
    If you are living with someone who has Alzheimer’s, dementia, confusion or memory loss, you know just how difficult the simple act of communication can be between you and your loved one. Susan Kohler, author of How to Communicate with Alzheimer’s, is host of Innovative Dementia Care, a program designed to help you, the caregiver l See more...
  • Interior Design For The Soul
    This show Interior Design for the Soul is about coaching both from the client and coach point of view.  Each session covers a wealth of ideas and storytelling.  Since I love to share the depths of a person’s journey, I will use mostly my own life story and the stories of people who are not presently part of my life to keep confide See more...
  • It's All About You
    It's All About You
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    123 Episodios
    Bold Brave Media presents “It is one hour all about you with Dr. Martha Latz”. This is an exciting show that offers an opportunity to explore timely topics impacting your life that spans and touches generation to generation and more. These are current social, emotional and workplace topics consuming your thoughts’ and have you spe See more...
  • Jane's Love Shack
    Jane's Love Shack
    Categoría: Salud mental
    0 Episodios
    Clients call her ‘the magician’. Radio stations call her the Love Doctor and the Love Guru however Jane describes herself as a love coach who works for the love Gods and Angels. Jane is the author of two books on love, ‘Thoughts on Love, Life and all that Jazz’ and ‘Tough Love, Getting the Date’. See more...
  • Kids In Crisis
    Kids In Crisis
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Beth Greer, widely known as the Super Natural Mom, is author of the bestseller "Super Natural Home," and one of the foremost experts on sustainable and toxin-free living. Her teenage daughter was addicted to marijuana and alcohol, was afflicted with severe anxiety, and suffered from a very low tolerance to stress and sev See more...
  • Late Night with Cornell
    Late Night with Cornell
    Categoría: Ocio
    6 Episodios
    Late Night with Cornell, featuring host Cornell Bunting, will highlight some of today's intriguing talent across every platform and musical genre, as he showcases their beautiful minds. 
Cornell will discuss their journey and how they developed their achievements through all the good and all the bad. Cornell will also help yo See more...
  • Layers Of Communication
    Life presents experiences that add a layer to who we are and how we see the world, affecting how we communicate. Tune in as we take apart the layers and create new ways to connect and build relationships on our way to becoming C.O.R.E. Bosses. Your C.O.R.E. Boss trainer is Lydia Taggart! It's a show for busting through the See more...
  • Let It Go
    Let It Go
    19 Episodios
    Barbara will uncover techniques of releasing old patterns that are unconsciously made and bring them up to the conscious mind to help you let them go! Barbara will also help you find the way to clarity, peace, and how to live a successful life on your terms, by turning negative experiences into positive ones! All the way from See more...
  • Let's Get Real!
    Let's Get Real!
    19 Episodios
    Let’s Get Real is a show about using our inner spiritual GPS to help find the tools to get through the rigors of daily life on this planet. We will discuss topics such meditation, numerology, crystals, our intuition, our connections to our own divinity as well as to a higher power and how we can use them to create solutions to our See more...
  • Let's Make Life Happen
    Let's Make Life Happen
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    16 Episodios
    Let’s Make Life Happen is a show that will tweak your interest in personal and professional leadership or self growth. "I hope you find the show, encouraging, enlightening and informative." The show is structured to teach a little, discuss a little, open a new door of thought and bring positive re-enforcement to your w See more...
  • Let’s Talk Paranormal
    Where we talk about all things paranormal from around the world!  Fun, informative, fascinating!  If it can’t be defined by science, we want to hear about it and explore – from UFO’s, Aliens, Ghosts and Big Foot to Faith Healing! Let’s Talk Paranormal is hosted by Catherine Ferrier of  Catherine is a See more...
  • Letting Go Freely
    Letting Go Freely
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Hi, I am Margie Friedman and I thank you for checking out Letting Go Freely and what we are all about! I love working with people and teaching them tools for healing and releasing patterns and negative emotions from the past. LETTING GO FREELY is when you are able to let go of what is holding you back and find that transitionin See more...
  • Life Cycle
    Life Cycle
    50 Episodios
    Addressing the social, emotional and spiritual issues and experiences surrounding our lives from a biblicalworldview. Lifecyle represents a series of stages and experiences which onegoes through or pasess through during one’s lifetime. The purpose of the show is address matters ranging from self-care, trauma, grief, personality See more...
  • Little Miracles
    Little Miracles
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    114 Episodios
    Little miracles is about the extraordinary experiences of people who have used holistic healing techniques on their quest for good health. This show explores various holistic healing techniques with experts in the field. During the call in segment we will answer any questions you may have. Consult a physician before you pursue See more...
  • Live It Up!
    Live It Up!
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Live It Up with Donna Drake is a weekly radio show celebrating the concepts of hope, motivation and inspiration. Donna Drake consistently embraces the essence of life and shares stories with the audience on how to live life to the fullest. Each week features a theme around a Live It Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) as well as informativ See more...
  • Lives Changed
    Lives Changed
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    66 Episodios
    Who is Deb Lundquist? Well, I am a wife, mother, grandmother of 3. I had a fatal car accident in April, 1999 in which I should have died, but was spared. The car on the other hand did not survive. Because of this, I developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy which is the worse pain known to man and wish I had died. Several years later See more...
  • Live Stutter Free
    Live Stutter Free
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    24 Episodios
    Every person has the same purpose: self-expression. The most effective way to express ourselves is through words. But according to the Stuttering Foundation, close to 80 million people worldwide stutter, about one percent of the population. In the United States, that's way over 3 million Americans who stutter. Anna Deeter is See more...
  • Live Without Limits
    Live Without Limits
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    23 Episodios
    Tap into your inner being and discover the tools needed to find your life-fulling purpose.  This is Live Without Limits with host Davida Shensky.  Davida will discuss how our personalities and careers can fit together or how to adapt your personality for your career. Davida Shensky, Career and Personal Development Strategy Coach See more...
  • Living A Courageously Authentic Life
    Many of us go through life with our heads down, focused on getting ahead and achieving our goals – a good job and career, a beautiful home, a lasting relationship, and maybe even a family. While these are all great goals, many of us wake up one day, look around, and ask: is this all there is to life? We realize that something is m See more...
  • Living By Design
    Living By Design
    Categoría: Salud mental
    22 Episodios
    Unleash the champion in you! - become a dream builder! Welcome to Living by design with host Tamia Williams. Tamia is here to help you embark on a journey that will support you in defining, designing, testing and living the life you desire! So now step into your new designed life with host Tamia Williams. See more...
  • Living Fearlessly
    Living Fearlessly
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
  • Living in the New Paradigm
    Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author, a spiritual mentor, an adventurer in many realms, and a long-time student of the nature of reality. She grew up in Scotland and moved to the boonies of northern California in her thirties, where she built her own house out of recycled lumber, ran an organic market garden, and raised free-ra See more...
  • Living Large
    Living Large
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    23 Episodios
    I'm an agent of change, motivated by “the great ah-haa”.  And skilled in the art of “adjust, adapt and overcome”. Especially when life is not exactly as you planned. I am an instigator to creatively embrace the adventure of what is possible, to experience a life that speaks to your emotional, physical and soul balance. It is See more...
  • Living Without Lies
    Living Without Lies
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    110 Episodios
    Donna Warren is the co-founder of The Living Without Lies Foundation, the owner of DPW Enterprises which provides web design and copy writing services to both businesses and individuals, and a college professor who teaches computer networking as an adjunct professor at two colleges in the greater Philadelphia area. Donna consid See more...
  • Love Never Fails
    Love Never Fails
    20 Episodios
    Marilyn Redmond was born in Seattle, WA and graduated from Western Washington University. She has three years of graduate work including the University of Washington. Marilyn retired from teaching and become an ordained spiritual minister to do spiritual counseling along with instruction in healing, regression, past life therapy, See more...
  • Making It Happen
    Making It Happen
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    18 Episodios
    Making it Happen! is a show about taking empowered action in the face of overwhelming complexities, tremendous competition, and relentless change. Carol invites listeners who are--or aspire to be--in leadership roles and are not achieving the results they want in their career or life. Carol also informs, inspires, and incites thos See more...
  • Mastering The Art Of Success
    If something is out of sync in one area, it will show up somewhere else. So, be honest and ponder what’s going on in your life. What needs to shift? Who or what is suffering?  Whether you’re interested in making lifestyle changes, discovering your life purpose, planning a career move, or improving your effectiveness as a leader, a See more...
  • Maximize Retirement
    Maximize Retirement
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    24 Episodios
    Living from the heart and creating a meaningful life, Sharon inspires, collaborates and motivates others to re-purpose their skills, dreams and potential to generate expansive possibilities. “If you can dream it, it is possible.” Sharon Rolph is best known as a retirement coach where she reconnects people with purpose. Baby Boome See more...
  • MD for Moms
    MD for Moms
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    169 Episodios
    Welcome to MD for Moms with your host Dr Carly Snyder.  Traditional psychiatry, integrative medicine or just some to talk to; Dr Carly is here to provide Moms with personal solutions so that they may experience whole body, mind and well-being at this most extraordinary and cherishing time of Motherhood.  Join us each week for answ See more...
  • Metaphysical Enlightenment
    I was born and live in Warren Ohio, I have lived in Trumbull county all my life, I have lived in my present home since 1989;  As a child I knew and felt things that I thought was normal.  As time went on I found out differently.  As a mother of 3 I could always tune into my children and I knew what they were up to and if they were See more...
  • Modern Fitness
    Modern Fitness
    Categoría: En forma
    24 Episodios
    Modern Fitness delivers the most current and effective advice and information on Health and Fitness to help all types of exercisers be the most successful and fit versions of themselves! No matter your experience level, Modern Fitness is here to help you crush your goals! Let’s get it! Jonathan Ells is a Certified Personal Trai See more...
  • Moms Without Worry
    Moms Without Worry
    Categoría: Padres
    24 Episodios
    Cut through the clutter of parenting advice and overcome the pressure to be a perfect mom and raise perfect kids. Dr. Karen Cassiday encourages you to embrace the messy hilarity of parenting by explaining the scientific strategies that will help you and your kids thrive with authenticity, joy and good humor! To reach Dr Karen Cas See more...
  • Movers & Shakers
    Movers & Shakers
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    3 Episodios
    Coming Soon! See more...
  • My House My Foundation
    My House My Foundation
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    23 Episodios
    Depressed? Overweight and leading a sedentary lifestyle? Then you've come to the right place; "My house My Foundation." My house My Foundation is an open discussion of the various issues that are causing every day people to submit to a life that’s less healthy and less fulfilling. My House My Foundation serves to See more...
  • Mystical & Practical Astrology
    Astrologer, Bonnie Prebula, has sold her chain of pharmacies and is again available for personal or business consultations. Bonnie has been a pharmacist and practicing international astrologer for 34 years, using astrology cycles and mind science creativity to produce marvelous results for herself and her clients.  You can find he See more...
  • My Strategy
    My Strategy
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    97 Episodios
    My Strategy is hosted by John M. Hawkins, the author of Coached to Greatness, Building a Strategic Plan for Your Life and Business, and Affinity. John is your 'personal' growth coach. Just like elite athletes get to the top of their sport with the help of coaches. In order to help you create your best life, My Strategy w See more...
  • Nagele & Knowles
    Nagele & Knowles
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    24 Episodios
    Nagele Knowles & Associates believe that everyone has a right to work where they are physically and psychologically safe. We are a multi-disciplined team with over 100 years of experience in our respective areas. We know how organizations work and can help you. We’ve been there and done it. In this weekly, 24-episode show Nag See more...
  • Naturally Recovering Autism
    Empowering Parents with the Resources to Naturally Recover Autism from a mom who has done it. Having once been told her son could not recover from his symptoms of autism Karen Thomas now shares what she has learned through over a decade of personal research and experience that has brought her own son to recovery. Her backgroun See more...
  • Natural Wellness & Healing
    Tune in Wednesdays at 8pm eastern here on The BBM Global Network! See more...
  • Only In America
    Only In America
    Categoría: Empresa
    24 Episodios
    Welcome to Only in America with Host Theodora! Theodora who started as a real estate attorney in the Netherlands is now the owner of Downtown Brokers, a real estate brokerage successfully investing in Florida real estate since 2004. Theodora is a cheerleader for America, let her show you why people from across the globe yearn to c See more...
  • Outrageous Freedom
    Outrageous Freedom
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    What is outrageous freedom?  It's a question we get asked a lot!  It is something that happens to you when you suddenly realize that nonconformity might not be so bad.  It's that "aha" moment when you come into awareness that your desire to be "one-self" is taking over your desire to please others.  O See more...
  • Paradigm Shifting
    Paradigm Shifting
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive and energy counselor who, like many of you, is an explorer on the path of the new emerging humanities that are unfolding all around us.  She uses her gifts of intuition, as well as my rapport with various realms of consciousness and loving Guides and Angels, to create universal understandings wit See more...
  • Parent your Parents
    Parent your Parents
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    16 Episodios
    PARENT YOUR PARENTS radio show has a two pronged approach, the first is the “how to” of managing elder care issues on the non-medical side. This includes legal, mental health care, seniorizing a home, insurance needs, and basic steps on how to make the last chapter of your life or your loved ones life fulfilling and worry free. See more...
  • Peace Explorer
    Peace Explorer
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    24 Episodios
    Gail Lash, Ph.D., is a Peace Explorer, and author of #OptForPeace: 9 Essential Steps To Achieving Peace, Power and Prosperity. Her journey began as a biologist at Duke University Lemur Facility, Zookeeper at Los Angeles and Houston Zoos, to then working in and designing zoos and wildlife sanctuaries worldwide over the last 23 y See more...
  • Permission To Thrive
    Permission To Thrive
    Categoría: En forma
    24 Episodios
    Permission to Thrive is a highly anticipated weekly show that promises to inspire you to reclaim your confidence & live your life happy, healthy, & free. Why would you want to just be surviving this life, when you could be thriving? Its host, award winning body confidence & worthiness coach, Jamie Michelle, brings it See more...
  • Perspective Shift
    Perspective Shift
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Whether you want to be happier and more fulfilled or you’re looking to transform your life, the first step is to change your perspective. Frances Holinda, MBA-HCM, CPC, is a self-described “Perspectives Coach” and the founder of Perspectives Personal Coaching, where she helps clients “shift” their perspective to better manage l See more...
  • Platinum Fitness
    Platinum Fitness
    Categoría: En forma
    19 Episodios
    Gym owner and entrepreneur, Aaron Nash, brings his results-based fitness and nutrition knowledge to listeners with a no-nonsense approach. You’ll hear about his own journey, struggles, and successes, along with those of his guests. Whether you need the bare facts of how to eat well or the motivation to put that knowledge into acti See more...
  • Political Pulse
    Political Pulse
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Welcome to Political Pulse, I'm Dr. Tony Maglione, the doctor who's looking out both for your health and our nation's health. Political Pulse is different from any other medical or Doctor show you've ever experienced. The show promotes the most important commodity you can own. That is, the ability to learn how See more...
  • Power Of Holistic Healing
    Mojka Renaud presents The Power Of Holistic Healing.  The information presented to the listener on BBM is based on my 30 year practice experience of Holistic medicine. The information is to empower the listener to take control of his or her health and learn about alternative options to a toxic environment, toxic foods, harmful che See more...
  • Prescription For A Miracle
    We all want miracles! Prescription For A Miracle with host Dr. Julianne Blake is going to empower everyone, because we all have immense potential to create our personal miracles! Are you sitting around waiting for somebody else in your life, maybe even God, to make them happen for us? That’s not how it actually works! The fact is See more...
  • Present Tense Future Perfect
    Let’s begin with the question of why and how does anyone become entrenched in the discipline of leadership development?  For myself, it began with a graduate course on The Presidency and the required reading of a huge tome by James MacGregor Burns on what he considered to be the most significant Presidents in the history of the US See more...
  • Promotion Protocol
    Promotion Protocol
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    24 Episodios
    Are you struggling to skyrocket your career? Do you often miss the opportunity to get promoted? Are you trapped in a cycle of career stagnation within your organization? Are you struggling to understand the language of your leaders? Dr. Kim Nugent is a master mentor who brings over 30 years of consistent excellence to her readers See more...
  • Puerto Rico, Hoy!
    Puerto Rico, Hoy!
    Categoría: Noticias
    24 Episodios
    Puerto Rico Hoy describe los aspectos mas importantes del Puerto Rico que se vive hoy en dia. El programa provee informacion sobre las realidades de Puerto Rico y que se puede hacer, si algo para mejorar esas realidades. Al proveer opciones se analizan temas. Tengo programas que van a estar dedicados a la tecnologia y a planes par See more...
  • Put Your Money Where Your House Is
    If you’re buying or selling a home, this is the right place to be!  Put Your Money Where Your House Is with your hosts Michelle and Charlotte is a show that answers questions  about, buying, selling, short sales, foreclosures, reverse mortgages, and all things real estate.  Charlotte and Michelle are here to help explain and demys See more...
  • Real Talk with Laurie
    Real Talk with Laurie
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    24 Episodios
    Real Talk With Laurie with host Lauire Bowen shows her tenacity and determination as she brings guests who inspire and transform you; while Laurie's humour and easy going nature will keep even the most depressing of topics, light. Laurie’s faith, compassion and capacity for empathy is her greatest strength and as you tune in See more...
  • Reclaiming Your Sacred Path
    Please join Jon on Reclaiming Your Sacred Path - this is your opportunity to strengthen your connection with who you really are: A spiritual being who chose to enter into a physical experience for your soul’s expansion and growth.  Jon brings bring his experience as an author, educator, and healing practitioner to share a process See more...
  • Reclaim Your Life
    Reclaim Your Life
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Join holistic life success strategist Esther Lamnyam, and her guest each week for tips and strategies you can use to reclaim your physical, spiritual and emotional life. Benefit from the wisdom Esther and her guest have gained from their life experiences and working with others around the world and apply them to your situation. Sh See more...
  • Red Pill Radio
    Red Pill Radio
    Categoría: Política
    0 Episodios
    Ed is a recognized expert in organizational systems and effectiveness. His work has been cited in numerous professional journals and business publications and he has made numerous television and radio appearances about human resource management issues. Ed has testified before the US House of Representatives regarding small busines See more...
  • Reinventing Yourself At Any Age
    Has a loss or major life change made you wonder who you are now? Do you find yourself afraid of what the future will be like? Are you doubtful about how to reclaim your life? Do you wonder if you will ever be happy again?

 Bringing together tools and strategies from her 40+ years of counseling practice, coaching techniques, and h See more...
  • Rosemarie's Reasons
    Rosemarie's Reasons
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Rosemarie Kaupp, a registered nurse, has a BSN from the University of Pennsylvania.  She worked over 49 years as an RN. For 24 years she was a school nurse.  She is a lifelong dog lover and the owner of the family dog, Amber, that was the inspiration for her children's book series, The Amberella Tales.  Her books and her writ See more...
  • Sanity in Co-Parenting
    Sanity in Co-Parenting
    Categoría: Padres
    7 Episodios
    It’s easy to be overwhelmed by scheduling conflicts, payment obligations, and miscommunication. What you really need is understanding and collaboration. Unfortunately, when you are a co-parent, your ex-partner may not always be on the same page. Life can become exhausting and co-parenting can be hard: you handle constant schedulin See more...
  • Sedona Soul Balance
    Sedona Soul Balance
    Categoría: Educación
    24 Episodios
    Empower yourself, empower others, empower the world! Anke Otto-Wolf, Shamanic Life Coach, Energy Healer and Founder of Sedona Soul Balance, has revolutionized soul healing by breaking down a complex challenge into a simple and universal healing. Join her each week as she guides her listeners toward a spiritual awakening, The Sedon See more...
  • Seek Reality
    Seek Reality
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    If you've ever wondered what reality is, what life is all about, or whether there is life after death, then tune in to Seek Reality Radio and join host Roberta Grimes for a wide variety of uplifting, facts-based discussions. Roberta Grimes has always had trouble believing things. She has always wanted to know the facts about See more...
  • Shop Talk Sway!
    Shop Talk Sway!
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    28 Episodios
    ShopTalk, is a program focused on identifying designers, influencers, writers, entertainers, models, or everyday people parlaying their natural talents for exposure to the listening audience. The focus is also on finding the best designs out there! See more...
  • Silver Lining Stories Of Transformation
    Dr. Rita Huang, M.A., M.Ed., Ph. D., Psy.D. is a nationally certified psychologist. Her masters and two Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology and Counseling Psychology were earned at the nationally renowned Stetson University, Michigan State University, and California Souther See more...
  • Soul Sense
    Soul Sense
    23 Episodios
    "I bring a natural and even humorous vision to understanding spirituality and living in the world. There is no subject we cannot speak on personal, community and global issues brought to light to the Eye of the Soul." Soul Sense is "Making sense of this crazy world through the Eye of the Soul",  is to help p See more...
  • Soul Stream Talk
    Soul Stream Talk
    Categoría: Educación
    24 Episodios
    Welcome! Soul Stream Talk is your new resource for soul path, past life, energy healing, and astrological information and guidance – a new kind of program for a new era in human consciousness! Rebecca Ann’s goal is to help you move into greater clarity and self-empowerment by offering direct on-air guidance; and by answering your See more...
  • Souluscious
    24 Episodios
    Do you want to create a luscious, soul filled life, one grounded in purpose and meaning? A life dripping with joy and oozing with delight? Join Hostess Shyralee as she explores the beauty of our existence. Listen in weekly to activate more fully your "big picture" neural pathways designed to guide you in the creation of See more...
  • Spiritual Awakenings
    Spiritual Awakenings
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    139 Episodios
    Marcia Hebrank's Spiritual Awakenings is a show about a world of healing, peace, awareness, and awakening awaits us all.  Join our host, Marcia Hebrank for Spiritual Awakenings.  Marica will explore together the myriad of fascinating doorways to spiritual awareness, guidance, healing, and connection. Learn about how your Ange See more...
  • Spirituality 101
    Spirituality 101
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Spirituality 101 is about empowerment, it’s the missing college course.  Designed and presented to enlighten, instruct, and support you through Twenty-first Century life challenges. Have you ever wondered about the so-called mysteries of life and how to awaken the spiritual potential that lies within?  If you have, then this cours See more...
  • Spiritual Kung Fu
    Spiritual Kung Fu
    Categoría: Educación
    24 Episodios
    Spiritual Kung fu is a show for helping you win your inner-battles and bring light to the darkness in our world. Accolon shares skills, methods and insights from Spiritual Kung fu which is the self-mastery system he developed from his Kung fu Priest training and almost 30 years of study and experience. You will learn skills for de See more...
  • Spiritually Speaking
    Our show will bring awareness to you in new ways of thinking to encompass body, mind and spirit with experts on topics to make you think outside the box at times.  It’s about moving souls from imprisonment to empowerment in their thought process.  My goal is to raise spiritual awareness by reaching you on a soul level and exposing See more...
  • Stories From The Heart
    Stories From The Heart
    Categoría: Arte
    0 Episodios
    Vonni Widdis lives her belief in the value of storytelling. Vonni’s company Nextep Consulting is a Saskatchewan based firm specializing in the production of and consulting on Digital Storytelling for Business, Families, Non-Profits and Government. Vonni has a background in board governance, government service, business and cust See more...
  • Straight Up Sex Talk
    Coming Soon! See more...
  • Street Justice
    Street Justice
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    119 Episodios
    Larry Levine, host of Street Justice and owner of Wall Street Prison Consultants & Coaching pulls no punches and offers his clients the raw, honest truth--- a priceless commodity for those facing prison. As a former federal inmate with 10 years under his belt, Larry possesses a unique expertise only obtainable to those who hav See more...
  • Talk About Chiropractic
    Tune up your body and your mind! Dr. Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC, co-founder of State of the Art Chiro in Vallejo, California, reveals the miracles of chiropractic, both for herself and her patients, on Talk About Chiropractic, a weekly radio broadcast on BBM. Join her each week as she explores the surprising ways in which this natural, See more...
  • The A Game Of Business
    Eighteen years ago Lorraine Lane was a happy corporate employee. Recently promoted, she was spearheading a major initiative at the request of the company vice president. But two weeks later she received the dreaded pink slip along with everyone else in her department, due to “budget cuts.” What followed was two and a half years o See more...
  • The Akashic Records Show
    Have you ever wished you could just ask what your soul purpose is; why you feel stuck; or what you’re “supposed to” do for your career, relationships, or spiritual growth - and get clear, direct answers? Well now you can! Rebecca Ann, an expert Akashic Records Reader who has helped thousands of people privately for the last 14 yea See more...
  • The Alan Charles Show
    The Alan Charles Show
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    109 Episodios
    Take off that mask and take on your addiction! Alan Charles, author and keynote speaker on drug abuse and prevention, brings hope to the hopeless as he shares his unbelievable luck at surviving a 24-year addiction to cocaine. Alan’s raw honesty and courageous heart breaks the stigma of addiction and offers a unique perspective int See more...
  • The Alchemist Professor
    Let Dr Sydney Scott bring you knowledge, skills and wisdom to turn your personal or corporate lead into gold.  Let Dr. Scott reveal effective leadership skills, advanced relationship building and motivating technical skills,  so that you may turn those everyday challenges into opportunities and re-tool personal growth.  Listen eac See more...
  • The Animal Zone
    The Animal Zone
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    36 Episodios
    The Animal Zone is the place to be for natural alternative solutions for your pets. Learn how to help your pet through species awareness and comprehensive solutions. Lisa delivers a straight forward common sense approach to animal health and wellness that you will only find here. Lisa St. John is the founder of Lavsage, an alte See more...
  • The Art Ambassador
    The Art Ambassador
    Categoría: Arte
    38 Episodios
    Gwenda Joyce an artist coach and agent, and the founder of the Art Ambassador. She is a former gallery owner in Chicago and long-time member of the contemporary art world. Join Gwenda as she discusses her 9 crucial steps for artists so they can take their careers to new heights. Based on her successful “Yes!” coaching program, See more...
  • The Art of Change
    The Art of Change
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    24 Episodios
    Change negatively impacts our lives when we fear and resist it. See more...
  • The Awakening
    The Awakening
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Do you need to find your purpose and be equipped to fulfill it? Do your family relations need to be strengthened? Are you a professional who is dealing with a lot of stress? Do your employees need to learn how to deal with interpersonal conflict on the job and in their homes? Then, “The Awakening” radio show is for you!! This s See more...
  • The Berena Wise Healing Hour
    Befriend your spirit guide and behold your truth! Berena Wise, CPT, founder of Berena Wise Healing, shares her gifted and diverse talents in spiritual healing on the Berena Wise Healing Hour, a weekly radio broadcast here on BBM. Join her each week as she guides her listeners on a spiritual journey that will enlighten even the gre See more...
  • The Business Mechanic
    The Business Mechanic
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    74 Episodios
    Join Vaughn for an hour of powerful business talk from aligning managers with their goals and with their team to creating winning strategies developed by Vaughn with proven results that maximize workplace performance!  See how Vaughn can inspire and educate with leadership and management development for you and your business no ma See more...
  • The Catalyst
    The Catalyst
    0 Episodios
    Each week we will address a new topic … a hot topic … ripped right from the headlines … but with a different purpose … we are going to tackle tough topics and strive to play nicely with others. In a society and culture wrapped up in winning, that’s difficult and almost impossible today. Folks, we have lost the art of civil convers See more...
  • The Conscious Care Giver
    Valued audiences of "The Conscious Caregiver" deserve fresh thinking - not trite suggestions, big business or government answers. You - a member of the beleaguered Sandwich Generation - need practical solutions to stop feeling like a burnt-out triple-decker grilled cheese sandwich. And that's no bologna! If y See more...
  • The Consciously Curious
    The Consciously Curious
    Categoría: Salud mental
    0 Episodios
    Peggy presents ideas and concepts that are still out of the main stream thinking to shake the foundations of life on Planet Earth (religion, politics, financial, science, etc).  Woven into this will be a message of how we, as individuals, must shake our personal foundations to see if they are solid or need adjusting because, after See more...
  • The Counselor & The Coach
    Rev. Dr. Beth Gioia (A.K.A. the Absent-minded Professor and Smile Revolutionary) and Visual Life Coach, Robin Albright (A.K.A. the Curator of Curiosity and Contemplation) invite you to join them as they celebrate people who share their zest for life, their quirky sense of humor, the undying ability to transform a challenge into a See more...
  • The Denise Hansard Show
    The Denise Hansard Show
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    36 Episodios
    Choices are the only thing we have any control over when it comes to living our life. What choices are you making? it is with our choices that we create our greatest life. One choice can change you! Denise is here to help you make those positive life changes in order to create the greatest life! One choice can change you in amaz See more...
  • The Dr. Sherrie Campbell Show
    Sherrie Campbell, PhD is a veteran, licensed Psychologist with over two decades of clinical training and experience providing counseling and psychotherapy services to residents of Yorba Linda, Irvine, Anaheim, Fullerton and Brea, California.  In her private practice, she currently specializes in psychotherapy with adults and teena See more...
  • The Dr. Yvonne Breakthrough Show
    Join Dr. Yvonne, the best-selling, award winning author of ‘Every Word has Power’ (now in eleven languages), world renowned speaker and innovative trainer of NLP and Hypnosis. Tune in weekly for an exciting and daring hour of powerful shifts of consciousness that will make you think and open up your life to new and dynamic ideas. See more...
  • The Empowered Lightworker
    Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channeler who has channeled information from Angels and spirit guides since childhood. She currently channels the Divine wisdom and higher energies of the Collective, a group of higher beings that includes the Ascended Masters, numerous Angels and Archangels, Faery elders, Earth’s See more...
  • The Energy of Autism
    The Energy of Autism
    Categoría: Educación
    24 Episodios
    Welcome to The Energy Of Autism. The Energy of Autism series is designed to promote education and awareness of therapeutic interventions, behavioral in nature, for autism spectrum disorders including the interrelationship between consciousness, executive functioning processes, and overt behaviors in persons diagnosed with an Autis See more...
  • The Enlightened Woman
    The Enlightened Woman Show is designed to inspire, inform and illuminate women to approach life with more awareness of their own inner power and light. Here you will find life empowerment practices, tools and tips to navigate life’s challenges with more clarity, confidence, and strength. Join your host, certified Law of Attract See more...
  • The Essence of Delirium
  • The Gillette Nutrition Show
    The Gillette Nutrition Show is about nutrition and how nutrition is the best prevention and cure for illness and disease. Gillette Nutrition’s mission is teaching clients the nutrition skills and knowledge to live healthy, energized and vibrant lives while preventing, mitigating or reversing chronic illness and disease through nut See more...
  • The Gil Martin Show
    The Gil Martin Show
    Categoría: Deportes
    76 Episodios
    The Gil Martin Show gives in-depth analysis of all sports. Get beyond the score and learn why things happen both on and off the field. Guests will include bear writers, book authors, broadcasters and past and present sports figures who will take you inside the game. Join Gil every Thursday at 8 PM ET for an inside look at the worl See more...
  • The Head Coach
    The Head Coach
    Categoría: Superación personal
    21 Episodios
    Dr. Scot Bay, a board certified psychiatrist, discusses current topics in mental health with the goal of better informing the general public regarding psychiatric illness, reducing the stigma surrounding psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, and exploding myths and stereotypes about the mentally ill. Topics include the latest find See more...
  • The Healing Pendulum
    The Healing Pendulum
    Categoría: Educación
    43 Episodios
    The Healing Pendulum Show is hosted by Kim De Boer, #1 best selling author of Healthy Living - The Secrets to Natural Health and Wellness.  Kim is a Transformational Health Coach who specializes in The Emotion Code and Body Code healing modalities. See more...
  • The Holistic Entrepreneur
    Join holistic nurse practitioner Bonnie Groessl, MSN, and her guests each week for tips and strategies you can use to shorten your learning curve in becoming a successful holistic entrepreneur.  Benefit from the wisdom Bonnie and her guests have gained during the course of their holistic entrepreneur journeys and apply their exper See more...
  • The Ilona Matteson Show
    The Ilona Matteson Show
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    24 Episodios
    Are you trying to effect change in your life and find yourself falling back into old cycles and patterns? Do you want to reprogram old thought patterns and experience more happiness? Do you experience feelings of overwhelm and want to learn how to break free? Do you want to learn to attract more abundance into your life? Would See more...
  • The Inner Peace Revolution
    Certified Hypnotherapist share advice, stories, and much more! See more...
  • The Jim Burr Hour
    The Jim Burr Hour
    Categoría: Salud mental
    0 Episodios
    This show is about making the second half of life the most exciting and fulfilling half. Jim and his guests will present information on topics of particular interest to individuals who are 50 years of age and older. Topics will include things like fitness, nutrition, volunteerism, returning to work/part time work, dealing with tec See more...
  • The Kathi Pickett Show
    Join Kathi Pickett, Author, Speaker, Intuitive Healing Energy Practitioner and Registered Nurse as she creates a window into the energy and mystical realms of magic and possibilities seen through her initiations as a child, an adult, and an intuitive energy healer. Kathi has learned much about how the universe works with the inna See more...
  • The Kelly Ballard Show
    Enlightening, healing, humorous, and compassionate! Welcome to The Kelly Ballard Show:  Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond. This show is about connecting you with the Spirit.  Get answers and guidance from your loved-ones on the other side, listen as we cover topics ranging from grief, spirit guides, old fashioned med See more...
  • The Laurie Davis Show
    The Laurie Davis Show
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    23 Episodios
    The Laurie Davis Show is a live interactive talk show. Laurie is a master at creating a safe space to hold meaningful dialogue with her callers. The purpose of the show is to make available the opportunity to talk on any subject that is of interest to her listeners. Laurie is not afraid to discuss everything from relationship See more...
  • The Laurie Davis Show
    The Laurie Davis Show
    Categoría: Superación personal
    44 Episodios
    The Laurie Davis Show is a live interactive talk show. Laurie is a master at creating a safe space to hold meaningful dialogue with her callers. The purpose of the show is to make available the opportunity to talk on any subject that is of interest to her listeners. Laurie is not afraid to discuss everything from relationship chal See more...
  • The Light
    The Light
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Craig Wright is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he studied religion and philosophy in his youth as a member of the Baltimore Ethical Society. He holds degrees in Psychology and Metaphysics. He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. It was the tragic death of a friend in the summer of See more...
  • The Linda Fostek Show
    The Linda Fostek Show
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    77 Episodios
    Get off the worry-go-round See more...
  • The Mindful Family
    The Mindful Family
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Moms may be the most stressed people on the planet.  Sick kids, school, homework, playdates, family gatherings, new babies, peer drama, carpooling, eating veggies, brushing teeth, and bedtime.  That is just the short list of all of the things that moms feel responsible for. When you add in a side business or passion project it is See more...
  • The Mind Health Coach
    The Mind Health Coach
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    24 Episodios
    Your life is your choice and your responsibility, but you don’t have to walk the path alone. Abundance and Holistic/Meditation Coach Leah Marie, founder and owner of The Sweet Retreat, a meditation and enlightenment center in Westport, MA, is committed to helping those who are looking to improve their lives and well-being. Leah See more...
  • The Nancy & Mike Show
    Mike Zorick, blind since birth, was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He was a three time California State Champion in Greco-Roman wrestling at 114 lb. He was a six time national placer in the open Greco-Roman wrestling including two seconds, two thirds and two fourths. He also won the Veterans' Folk style wrestling twice at 152 See more...
  • The Next Dimension
    The Next Dimension
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    There is a conspiracy that has been going on for thousands of years. It's called The New World Order.The focus of this conspiracy is to create a one world totalitarian government that will control every aspect of life on this planet. If this cabal is successful it will be the end of freedom and free choice. All efforts by peo See more...
  • The Norman Shealy Show
  • The Oracle
    The Oracle
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    BBM is pleased to announce The Oracle with host Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD. Bringing hope to an Awakening Humanity, transferring timely knowledge, alchemical keys, powerful life transforming tools, wisdom, and healing in an experiential soul advancing forum. This show is an extraordinary, deeply sacred, powerfully healing, life tran See more...
  • The Oxygen Hour
    The Oxygen Hour
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    The Oxygen Hour is a break time for special needs parents and parents in general. We know you probably have dirty dishes in the sink and a messy floor- but so does everyone else! We know you probably were not your ideal version of mom or dad today- but tomorrow is a new day! Join us for some laughs, some tears and learn some new i See more...
  • The Power of Love
    The Power of Love
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Saralee Kramer, Relationship Coach and California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in San Diego, California is your host. She has been coaching and counseling nationally and internationally for over 20 years helping people to improve their relationships and find happiness in their lives. Saralee has stu See more...
  • The Secrets of Life
    The Secrets of Life
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    24 Episodios
    In The Secrets of Life; Dr. Don will bring you challenging and thought-provoking information on a number of various related topics. His goal is to help you discover more about yourself and about others. In doing so you will learn how to change those unwanted behaviors that may be holding you back from being the best you, that See more...
  • The Secrets of the Scriptures
    Dr. Abby teaches people how to bring the power of the Scriptures into their everyday lives in her engaging one-hour show, “The Secrets of the Scriptures. “ Soul-searching questions will prompt you to connect with energizing spiritual truths that heal. Your spiritual journey will accelerate into high speed in the safety and power o See more...
  • The Tami Young Show
    The Tami Young Show
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    24 Episodios
    The Tami Young Show with host Tami Young focuses on educating and demonstrating The Emotion Code, a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. This technique works by getting rid of trapped emotional baggage. Using muscle testing Tami can quickly identify and release trapped emotions which are harmful emotional energies from nega See more...
  • The Truth Spoken in Love
    Myra Jean Myers is an advocate for the life of women, men and Children, having experienced the deception by the lies of the abortion industry and the wrong ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court January 22, 1973 in Roe vs. Wade. For 43 years now and for Eternity Myra Jean Myers is forgiven in Christ and set-free to reach out to women See more...
  • The Unfolding Self
    The Unfolding Self
    Categoría: Salud mental
    0 Episodios
    I am entering the last 25% of my life, where I am embarking on a new adventure. I am a trained psychologist, and educational administrator, who spent over twenty years as an administrator in international schools. Throughout my life, my passion has been the areas of metaphysics, and parapsychology. However, it has only been in rec See more...
  • The Way of Energy
    The Way of Energy
    Categoría: Física
    15 Episodios
    Ken Lee is the founder of ”The Way of Energy”. An integration of all the Science, Religious, and Spiritual technologies he has studied over the last 40 years as part of his quest for spiritual truth. He made a request to the Boundless, “Teach me, show me the truth” he opened himself to receive all the Boundless as to offer, whi See more...
  • True Celestial Awakening
    Teresa Betcher, M.S.W., is a practicing astrologer, with a background in psychology and social work. Her passion for the secret language of the stars was first ignited at age 16 after discovering an astrology book at her local bookstore during the mid-1970s. Throughout the years, during her free time, she regularly studied and pra See more...
  • True Inner Confidence
    Sonia is a mental health therapist, Integrative coach trained by NY Times best selling author, Debbie Ford and a certified Journey Dance Facilitator, workshop leader and motivational speaker. In her 15 years of working in the personal and transformational field, Sonia has observed a common thread among her clients. That thread is See more...
  • Truth & Consequences
    Truth & Consequences a show hosted by Jeffrey Berezinski. See more...
  • Universal Soul Love
    Universal Soul Love
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Universal Soul Love will discuss issues that involve consciously creating the New Earth Paradigm.  The purpose of this show is to raise the conscious vibration of the planet to a higher level by sharing ideas and practices that: - Increase spiritual awareness - Advance personal growth and development - Explore the hidden myster See more...
  • Unlocked
    Categoría: Superación personal
    19 Episodios
    Unlocked is about this moment – the now – opening possibilities so that listeners will feel they can begin to take back control for themselves. In the 2008 recession, people were in another difficult moment of change. However, there was only one issue to deal with – economic. In 2020, the issues are multiple – economic, health, so See more...
  • Vital Points
    Vital Points
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    10 Episodios
    What does well-being truly mean, and once we achieve it what’s next? There are a multitude of tools and paths we may use on our journey to complete wellness. Whether you’re using acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, or meditation, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Let’s have a conversation and share stories of healing in order t See more...
  • Vocal Sound Healing
    Vocal Sound Healing
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Dr. Gwendolyn McClure will lead you each week into a deeper & deeper understanding of how Vocal Vibrational Resonance is your birthright, & how you can experience Vocal Sound Healing to bring love and calming to your life! Gwendolyn will share her enormous repertoire of healing songs, and take live calls for healing song r See more...
  • Voices Of Women
    Voices Of Women
    Categoría: Noticias
    24 Episodios
    Kris Steinnes is the visionary founder of the Women of Wisdom Conference, which celebrated its 25th year in 2017. As a spiritual leader and meditation teacher, Kris has a commitment to bring feminine consciousness to the forefront of our collective experience. Returning from a world travel odyssey from 1983 – 1986, she began her See more...
  • Weekly Wilson
    Weekly Wilson
    Categoría: Política
    44 Episodios
    Are you passionate about politics? Are you watching the national debate raging in 2020? You’ll find a home here. Civility is required for entry. Let’s talk. Do you love movies? Are you interested in movies and television shows? Would you like to hear from some directors, firsthand, and maybe even some of the stars of the future a See more...
  • Welcome in Wellness
    Welcome in Wellness
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    24 Episodios
    "My Passion: is to enlighten, inspire, and dare people to take charge of their life being healthier, happier, and heart-centered." "I am a guide, a catalyst for change. I invent ways and processes for doing anything, especially for communicating. I laugh easily and get others to laugh. People say I change the ene See more...
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
    Vera Ehmann Vera Ehmann is dedicated to the power of gratitude and joy.  She brings a rich background filled with helping people remove obstacles that block their path to growth and achievement.  Her experience includes being a teacher, tutor, résumé writer, career counselor, public speaker, practitioner and mother.  The resolv See more...
  • Whole Heart Healing
    Whole Heart Healing
    Categoría: Salud y forma física
    0 Episodios
    Whole Heart Healing is a program discussing marriage and family relationship issues, with a focus on creating or strengthening strong relationships through Christian based energy healing and law of abundance principles. See more...
  • Why Aren't You Over This By Now?
    “I should be over the things that happened to me.” “I am to blame.” “It has to be my fault, why else would it have happened?” These are just a few of the statements many clients have said over the years. The truth is that we all have things happen in our lives. We all have stuff. Dr. James was abused as a child, abused in her mar See more...
  • You Are What You Think
    Susan Winebrenner is an educator, a parent and grandparent, a widely published author, and a public speaker.  She has worked with schoolteachers, administrators, and parents is almost every state in the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Australia.  Her books have helped teachers and parents do whatever is necessary See more...
  • You'll Do Anything for Him/Her
    You'll Do Anything for Him/Her
    Categoría: Salud mental
    24 Episodios
    I realized at the age of 38 that I needed help to understand what was happening in my relationships. I wanted to know what was “wrong” with me that I kept looking to the outside for someone new while I was in a relationship. Almost immediately I was shocked to learn that I had not been “growing” emotionally. I had been stuck doing See more...
  • Young Entrepreneurs
    Young Entrepreneurs
    Categoría: Economía y empresa
    0 Episodios
    Young Entrepreneurs of the Future, Inc. (YEF), a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit, mentoring, advocacy, and coaching organization for youth, started November, 1991, by Carolyn Stowers, with the assistances of four youth, 14-16 years old. The Young Entrepreneurs radio show will share how we address the issues that teenagers face. How we ex See more...
  • Your Body Knows How To Heal
    Your Body Knows How To Heal talks about western medicine, alternative approaches to healing the body, combining both western and eastern medicine, acupuncture, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, herbs, nutrition, connecting to higher consciousness, helping us learn to listen to your inner wisdom, and encouraging self care in order hea See more...
  • Your Business With Faith
    As a Christian Life Coach, I support women of faith that are struggling with their business because they have self-doubt, lack confidence, don't have a support system, and relied on themselves rather than on God's plan for them. We partner together to allow faith to spread throughout our lives including our businesses See more...
  • You’re Not Broken
    You’re Not Broken
    Categoría: Salud mental
    23 Episodios
    Many people feel that they are beyond help. They are just too broken. They feel that they have to live with the pain. This show is dedicated to helping you find your way out of your emotional, physical, and spiritual pain so that you can live the life you are meant to be living. Your host  Dr. Sally Reid is a Metaphysical Psycholo See more...
  • Your Golden Hour
    Your Golden Hour
    Categoría: Superación personal
    25 Episodios
    Your Golden Hour with Myriam Turcotte is about opportunities to enhance our lives. In this hour we will discuss topics that will help us grow at the level of spirituality, understand the lessons life gives us and grow exponentially to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Life on earth is a mission and many of the answers are inside See more...